PICTURE BOOK: Try On This Ring!

When kids crack open my book, they’ll be asked to put on a ring. Not just any ring. A magic ring. And once they put it on, they will transform into a monster. And what do you do when you suddenly become a monster while still wearing your pajamas? Scare your parents, of course!

Try On This Ring!

Hey, whatcha got there?

It’s a ring!

Oooh, it looks like a Magic Ring.

How do I know it’s a Magic Ring?

Look closer.

  • Glowing Green Gem (No batteries!)
  • Monster Face (He doesn’t look happy.)
  • Magic Writing In Secret Language (Who knows what it says?!)

Go ahead, try it on.

Sure, it’s safe!

Wow! Looks good on you!

Do you see how it glows?

Do you feel how warm it is?

That’s the magic.


Look at your hands!

They’re transforming!

Oh, man. Those are some big monster hands.

Pretty cool magic, huh?

Now let’s go look in a mirror!


Look at those fangs!

Look at that fur!

Look at those pointy ears!

What should we do next?

How about …

Let’s go scare your parents!

Do you think they’ll mind?


Okay, let’s do it.

But first … let’s practice your MONSTER ROAR.


Okay. On the count of “3”.

1 …

2 …

3 …


Wow! That was one mean magical monster roar!

Even I got scared.

Hey, I was just wondering …

Do you think your parents will be too scared?

No? You’re sure?

Okay, then. We don’t want them to see us coming, right?

Right. So …

Let’s practice your super-stealthy MONSTER SNEAK CREEP.

Ready to creep?

Okay, walk very softly on your monster paws.

You see your monster paws, don’t you?

Look down.

Yes! Those soft furry paws won’t make a sound on your floor.

Yeah, I bet your parents won’t hear a thing.

(Just make sure not to click your claws. Clicking claws are noisy.)

Okay, let’s creep …

Yeah, just like that …

Very sneaky …

There they are! On the couch!

They didn’t hear us coming, did they?

He he he.

They don’t suspect a thing, do they?

He he he.

Oh, this is going to be GREAT!

Ready to Roar?

On the count of three …

1 …

2 …

3 …


Now, run! Back to your room!

Whew. Safe!

We sure scared them, didn’t we?

I bet they’ve never been that scared before in their whole lives.

Monster High Five!

Uh, oh. Did you hear that?

It sounds like the sound of angry feet marching to your door.

It is! It is the sound of angry feet marching to your door.

It’s your parents!

They’re coming!

And they want to catch the monster!


Where should we hide?

Under the bed?

Oh, no. Your tail sticks out.

Inside the closet?

Oh, no. It’s too crowded in there.

Behind the book shelf?

Oh, no! Your ears pop up!

We have to find someplace fast!

Don’t you see?

The doorknob is turning!

They’re almost here!

What’s that? What did you say?

The ring? What about the ring?

You want to take off the ring?

Of course! That’s genius!

Take off the ring!

Whew! Now you’re back to normal!

Now they’ll never find the monster.

Quick, hide the ring in your pocket!

Here they are.

They’re looking under the bed …

Nope, no monster. Heh.

They’re looking in the closet …

Nope, no monster. Ha!

Now they’re looking behind the book shelf.

No monster! Not even close!

There’s noooo monster in here.

Goodnight, Mom.

Goodnight, Dad.

Whew! Our secret’s safe.

Okay, let’s put on the ring again.

Maybe this time we’ll turn into something even cooler.

Like a troll!

Or a dragon!

Or a twenty-foot tall Space Beast with Neon Fur and Laser-Beam Eyes!

I can’t wait to find out!

Put it on! Put it on! Put on the ring!

What’s that?

You can’t find the ring?

Oh, no! There’s a hole in your pocket!

Where is the ring?

What’s that you say?

The ring is where?

Oh, whew! There it is!

Right next to that tiny ant.

Huh. Now the ant is inside the ring.

Go away, ant.

Why is the ring glowing?

Why is the ant glowing?

Why is the ant glowing and GROWING??!

Uh, oh …

Nice ant monster, that’s a good boy.

Hey, did I tell you I always loved ants?

I never squish them.

But that kid over there? He always squishes them.

Hey! Where are you going? Don’t leave me alone with ANT-ZILLA here!

What’s that you say? It was my idea to try on the ring?

Who can remember back that far? Hey, don’t go! Don’t go!

Nice Ant-Zilla … nice boy ….



The END.

And the moral is, if you ever find a magic ring, DON’T try it on.

Unless of course it has:

  • Shining Red Gem
  • Spooky Spiders Crawling up the side
  • Snarling Dragon Face with Smoke Pouring out Its Snout

Because what could be the harm in that?

Listen to the AUDIOBOOK:

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