The Stoneweaver gets a new face


Got some exciting news. I’ve posted a brand new cover for my novel The Stoneweaver.

New cover art for The Stoneweaver by Nico Mion

You can also check it out on wattpad by clicking here.

This replaces my old “do it yourself” cover that I slapped together in a few minutes.

This new cover was professionally painted by Nico Mion, an artist from Germany I found on (Here’s his profile.)

Nico was a real pleasure to work with. He took my vague ideas and crafted a scene, shaping it to my feedback. I’m pleased as punch to have original art on the cover.

This scene depicts a showdown between the protagonist, Skarn, and a nasty beast called a gwyrm. (It happens in the ninth chapter, titled “Foot.”)

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