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Song: “Standing Room Only”

“Standing Room Only”

Behind the Song

My last song had an “oooooh” for a chorus.

Well, I can top that: today’s song doesn’t even have a chorus.

I was listening to a Joe Pug song — can’t recall which one — just before setting out on my walk. As I walked, I began riffing on his song’s melody and came up with something that sounded good to me, and, I think, different.

I also heard these words: “at his funeral, it was standing room only, though in life he was lonely, as often as not.”

Those words built a picture of a person in my head, a father, husband, man who kept to himself — the quiet type — but who spread a lot of love in the world.

Yeah, it’s another melancholy song


At his funeral
it was standing room only
though in life he was lonely
as often as not

There was a long line
of strangers who spoke up
his widow got choked up
as their stories grew

all the lives that his kindness had touched
so much she never knew

A loving heart,
clothed in a word
of a good deed you heard
can pull you apart

like energy,
it's never destroyed,
it's passed and enjoyed
even though 
you never know where it'll go

like a discarded seed
it may sprout at need
when you're low
it may show

He'd been a salesman
bringing brushes and mops
to the bustling shops
through the sprawl

At the day's end
he'd hang up his tie
take the kids for a ride
to the mall

though he'd spent most his day on the road
he never complained at all

Though he never shared
all the love that he felt
how his heart would melt
at their smiles

His steady hand
as they learned to ride
and later to drive
through the town
when they looked he was always around

to share their new thrill
show off a new skill
and be crowned
he was around

In his living room
it was standing room only
and no one was lonely
that day

As they broke bread
the smiles through their tears
made rainbows appear
in their hearts

a promise that when it all falls apart
we can make a new start.

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