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Song: “True Blue”

“True Blue”

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Behind the Song

This started with a chord progression. The chords went round and round in a circle, repeating. I liked the feeling it gave: a backround hum, a spin round the globe. And on and on and on …

To reinforce this feeling of circularity, I made some of my lyrical lines end and begin with the same sound. But the sound is only made once; it’s shared by the two lines.

For example: “just ’cause you’ve got nothing to / losing you won’t make me better” — the sound “Lose” is meant to be heard as both the end to the first line and the beginning of the second.

To borrow an analogy from chemistry, think of it as a covalent bond between lines.

As to the subject matter: I don’t know where that came from. The image of a person who has lost their love. And they’re struggling. It just showed up for me, and I ran with it.

My favorite line: “My crayon box is stuffed to the gills / I’m rolling in riches”

To any coloring artists out there, you know what a fully stocked box of 120 crayolas feels like.

The key is too high for my voice (at the ends of each verse) … but when I tried changing the key, I didn’t like the sounds of the chords as much. I kept returning back to the original.

So (ahem) just think of my straining voice as a choice to express the anguish of the character.

Oh, a bit darker … about 85%


You said I'd never be facing these demons alone
so why am I here on my
only a beauty can break through defenses hard won,
and hold you back up to the 

Someday I'll grow up and learn happy endings don't come
just 'cause you've got nothing to
losing you won't make me better, 'cause here I am
waiting on miracles, won't someone give me some
True blue
true blue

My therapist's grinning, 'cause he thinks I'm winning the war
against these illusions that
living inside my head won't bring me back the dead
I'm still stuck here to face each new

Daylight we can't find and anguish we don't mind
will fall thick as wet snow in early December
remember I'm falling and calling
you don't care that I'm full of the last words
you poured on me so I need
True blue
true blue

After the rain falls
after the ash lands
I won't be seen for days
I hope you can understand

I lack for nothing, my crayon box is stuffed to the gills
I'm rolling in riches
is this how the story ends, with us remaining friends
I can't bear to watch that kind of

Show me a way to be sorry I gave you my heart
as little as it turned out to
because I'll take lonely if that is the only way
I can keep memories of when we knew love close to
True blue
true blue
true blue

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