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Song: “Grandma’s Advice”

“Grandma’s Advice”

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Behind the Song

I can’t remember where this song came from. But I only wrote one rough draft in my song notebook and I didn’t change much for the final version, which means it poured from my pen pretty much as you hear it today.

I’m pretty sure this is the only duet I’ve written: each verse alternates the character singing.

It’s got a simple rhymying scheme and a repeating refrain at the end of each verse rather than a chorus.

But this kind of advice is simple. Hard to follow, often, but simple.

I don’t recall either of my grandmas saying this specifically, but it’s the kind of thing they might have said. And the ‘grandson’s’ response? That’s the kind of thing I would’ve thought, though maybe not said.


Why you feeling sorry, feeling sad?
Don't you see that things are not that bad?
This ain't the way to be
mopin' under that tree
don't you know you should be happy
feeling glad

Well I got plenty reasons for feeling bad
if you'd seen all of the troubles I have had.
My dreams were dashed to bits
I been pushed into the pits
tell me why should I be happy
feeling glad?

Well we all got our cause for feeling sad
but we'd drown if we kept drinking up the bad.
Why I lost my only boy
it sucked out all my joy
but still I can be happy
feeling glad

Oh that don't change me feeling oh so sad.
That just makes it worse it's all so bad.
If I can't deal with stones
I sure as shootin' can't handle bones
that's why I'm not happy
feeling glad

The time for mourning's past, no more looking sad
All that moanin' and mopin', cryin', feeling bad.
Get back up on your two feet
see who needs a hand on our street
that's what I mean by happy
feeling glad.
That's how you get to happy
feeling glad.

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