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Reading: “The Declaration of Independence

The U.S. Declaration of Independence

For Independence Day here in 2021, I wanted to read the Declaration of Independence.

I feel inspired by the preamble, when it declares that all are created equal, possessing rights that cannot be trampled upon.

But I find myself particularly appreciating the bulk of the Declaration. Jefferson and company spell out twenty-seven reasons why they are declaring independence. They make a reasoned case, designed to justify their actions to each other and the rest of the world, resting on facts which can be investigated. I see that as the epitome of the Enlightenment.

I read from the complete text available at the U.S. National Archives. There you can also read a little on the history surrounding the declaration, and other interesting tidbits.

Happy Independence Day!

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A Christmas Carol STAVE FIVE

The End of It

In which Scrooge wakes to a brand new day.

The End of It

As I recorded this story, I could hear the echoes of performances from my childhood, at the Anacortes Community Theater: Grant Lorentzen as Charles Dickens the narrator; K. Nous Martin and my dad as Scrooge, each in their turn; my mom as Mrs. Cratchit; and the various roles I played. I remember the glowing feeling of going on stage; the excitement of dressing in period costume and finding blocky dress shoes that fit; and singing, at the end of the show, during curtain call, with the whole cast, the song “I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day.”

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Reading: A Christmas Carol STAVE ONE

One of the first plays I every acted in was A Christmas Carol at the Anacortes Community Theater. I played Tiny Tim and I loved it. I was in the show several more times throughout the next six years, playing different roles as I grew up. (The last was playing Fred’s friend Topper.)

So I figured I’d read the book for Christmas time. Part one is below.

Marley’s Ghost

Reading: A Christmas, STAVE TWO