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A Christmas Carol STAVE FIVE

The End of It

In which Scrooge wakes to a brand new day.

The End of It

As I recorded this story, I could hear the echoes of performances from my childhood, at the Anacortes Community Theater: Grant Lorentzen as Charles Dickens the narrator; K. Nous Martin and my dad as Scrooge, each in their turn; my mom as Mrs. Cratchit; and the various roles I played. I remember the glowing feeling of going on stage; the excitement of dressing in period costume and finding blocky dress shoes that fit; and singing, at the end of the show, during curtain call, with the whole cast, the song “I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day.”

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Alan Victorious (Short Story w/Audio)

When I was a 4th-grader at Island View Elementary school in Anacortes, the big kids (i.e. the 5th and 6th graders, who were giants) played flag football during recess. I wanted to play; but I was scared.

Fast forward to sixth grade: I had just transferred to a new elementary school, Fidalgo, and I didn’t know many people. I found refuge inside the library with a cool bunch of girls; we were the librarian’s helpers, laminating new books, shelving misplaced ones.

But sometimes I’d peek outside and see the other sixth-grade boys play flag football. I can’t remember if I actually ever joined them.

But in this story, I did.

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