About Scott

Scott wrote his first batch of songs for a musical version of Lord of The Flies that he adapted when he was 15, with songs like “No Parents,” “It’s Called a Conch,” and “Kill the Beast.”

In his 20s, he penned a couple dozen songs and played them at open mic’s at the Trebant chai tea-house shop in Seattle’s University District. These include songs like the favorite “We Will Go On,” “Lies I Tell Myself,” and “Best Laid Plans.”

Then Scott got married, had kids, and launched a career as a copywriter. He wrote a few songs during this period, many family-themed, like “The Black Rose Sails,” “Christmas is Coming,” and “Star in Your Heart.”

Now in his 40s, Scott has returned to songwriting. You could call him a singer/songwriter and you wouldn’t be wrong. His songs range from the lyrically dense, semi-autobiographical love song “Ocean Dreams/Backyard Plans,” to the Randy Newman-esque first-person satirical narrator “Starter Wife,” to the haunting “Broken” — sung from the POV of a victim of domestic violence.

But he also writes lighter fare such as “C’mon Let’s Play,” “Crom” — for all you Conan the Barbarian fans — and “Free Range Chicken” (yes, he does have chickens in his backyard.)

Scott also writes the occasional story, including his first novel, The Stoneweaver.

Scott can be reached at scott@scottstoriesandsongs.com