PICTURE BOOK: Davy Delivery Drone


By Scott McKinstry

Here comes Davy Delivery Drone,

You can summon him quick with the app on your phone.

He’ll drop you a package wherever you stand,

He’ll fly through tornadoes and brave whirling sand,

That’s Davy Delivery Drone.

Oh Davy wakes up with a big job one day,

His first day delivering a box far away.

He takes to the air with his package in tow,

And sees all the people like ants far below,

Up goes Davy Delivery Drone.

But just as it starts, his trip nearly ends,

When he almost smashes Hedda’s wide lens!

She’s filming a Stunt for a Hollywood Show,

Shooting only the places a Drone cares to go,

That’s Hedda the Hollywood Drone.

Then Khan the Air Traffic Controllering Cop,

Yells at fast moving Davy, kid, you’ve got to stop!

I need this here airspace clear for two shakes,

For some big jumbo planes, so slam on your brakes!

Ordered Khan The Air-Trafficking Drone.

But look! Here’s a rare sight! It’s Spy Droning Steve,

Few see him coming, and less see him leave,

He streaks through the sky on a message of stealth,

For a top-secret mission on some bunker’s shelf,

That’s Steve the Spy Stealthing Drone.

So Davy swoops low where there’s more space to glide,

When he and a farmer drone nearly collide,

Farmer Fran is out measuring water on plants,

And making sure they’re not munched by the wigglies and ants,

That’s Farmer Drone Fran on patrol.

He sees Hobbyist Hank buzz the beach dunes,

And Partying Peter, blasting out tunes;

He sees Building Inspector Rae looking for cracks;

And Storm Tracking Tim who braves lightning smacks,

So many Drones in the sky.

They all shout Hi Davy, but those drones have to wait,

Cause Davy can’t chat or he will be late!

“I’ve got to get gone,” Cries Davy’s turbines,

“If my package is tardy I might rack up fines.”

On zooms Davy Delivery Drone.

Then night comes on with its darkening shroud,

And Davy flicks on his bright lights through the clouds.

A storm starts brewing, thunder rumbles — and zing!

A hot lightning bolt nearly zaps through his wing!

Poor Davy Delivery Drone.

But did that ground the lad? No, Davy keeps flying,

If he doesn’t deliver, then there might be crying.

So he dodges and swerves through the storm’s angry shouts,

He speeds past the clouds and the rain and his doubts,

Stalwart Davy Delivery Drone

Then he passes the storm, and his job’s nearly done,

He looks down below, sees the town lit in fun.

All the neon spectaculars catching their haul,

And the humble warm lights of an eatery small,

Sees Davy Delivery Drone.

But then! What’s this? When the rains seems all shed,

One last bolt from the storm strikes a power line dead!

His lights got zapped too, this Drone’s blind in the dark!

Not a light to be seen, not even a spark,

Go carefully Davy the Drone.

No landmarks to guide him, no signs to be seen,

So Davy flips on his new radar screen.

He dodges antennas and curves round the trees,

And at last finds the house that’s paying his fees,

So lands Davy Delivery Drone.

“It’s 10’o’clock, you’re here just when you said!”

Shouts a boy in pajamas (who should be in bed).

“Do you have it? Can I open? Is it ready to go?”

The boy’s so excited, he don’t feel the wind blow,

Waiting for Davy’s delivery.

He releases his catch, and the package rolls clear,

The boy tears it open and whoops out a cheer!

He quickly unwraps a brand-new flashlight,

He flips it on quick, and turns down the night,

Spilling light on Davy the Drone.

“We’ve had lots of storms this past month or so,”

The little boy says, counting fingers to show,

“So I figured I needed a high duty torch,

On black nights like these, so I don’t shin the porch,”

Grins the boy to Davy the Drone.

The timing was perfect, Dave had to agree,

But now it was time for this drone to flee.

The boy gave him room, Davy revved up his motor,

And he waved him farewell with a spin of his rotor.

Good-bye, Davy the Drone.

He’s already off to his next destination,

Who knows what village, who knows what nation?

Maybe you’ll be the next one to answer the door,

And see Davy drop down with a thing from the store …

Yes, perhaps you – even you – will call Davy to home,

Davy the trusty Delivery Drone.


Listen to the Audiobook

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