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Song: “Dear God”

“Dear God”

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Behind the Song

I think this song started as an idea. I was probably thinking about the conflict of not believing in God while still yearning for the comfort of faith. Another title for the song could be, “An Athiest’s Lament.”

Then the image of a person writing a letter to God popped in my head, in which he unburdens his heart to a person he doesn’t believe in anymore.

I liked the poignancy of someone writing a letter he knows can never be sent.



Dear God,
It's been awhile since we talked, how are you?

Dear God,
Since I left home and declared we were through.

I know I've got some nerve asking after all this time,
but Dear God,
I could use a little shine.

Dear God,
I've grown a lot since I was six and sung my prayers.

Dear God,
I see winter winging close with each gray hair.

Even though I know the truth, you're just a grown-up's fairy tale,
but Dear God,
I need something that won't fail.

I've been humbled to my knees to see the kind of man I am
no golden crest of glory lights my way
and though I've learned to eat my fill of the bitter salt of earth
I still hunger for the sky, so let me say

Dear God,
Have you seen how big my kids are, ain't that strange?

Dear God,
I confess some days I wish they'd never change.

And though I long for faith to lean on, we both know that can't be
So Dear God,
please spill a drop of grace on me.

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